Information for Carers

Through the Care Act, carers have a much stronger right to advocacy than ever before.

The right to advocacy is an important part of the responsibility that every local authority has in their duties to provide better access to information and advice, preventative services and an assessment of need directly to carers so you can have a life of your own alongside your caring responsibilities.

Advocacy services are available to support carers, including child carers and young carers, who have care and support needs of their own, or are likely to develop needs as a consequence of providing care and:

  • will find it very hard to participate in their carers assessment and reviews
  • there’s no one else appropriate to support you to be fully involved

The advocate is there so you are not alone when facing your assessment or review. Advocates will work with you in way you choose and that best meets your needs. We can support you to be fully involved in your assessment or review, including the self-assessment process and support planning. An advocate can help you to identify and communicate your needs and know about the wider support available to you.

If you, or another carer you know, has requested a Carers Assessment but have not had a response or you would like to request one, you can contact us directly to see how an advocate can assist you with this.

Advocacy for your role as a Relevant Person’s Representative

You also have a legal right to advocacy if you’re a named representative (known as a Relevant Person’s Representative) to support a friend or relative who is subject to deprivation of liberty safeguards. If you agree to take on this role, and are appointed by the Local Authority to do so, an advocate can assist you to fulfil your responsibilities. This may include answering any questions you may have about your role, supporting you to raise any concerns you have with a care home, hospital or local authority or, helping you to make a cost-free appeal to the Court of Protection if the person you’re supporting objects to their placement.

Advocacy services for you now

The number of referrals to advocacy from carers, particularly young carers, is far fewer than what we expect the advocacy need is.

If you have any questions about advocacy or would like to talk to us about how advocacy can assist you, contact us directly on:

Care & Support advocacy helpline: 0300 222 5948 or email
You can also contact the TVL Hub on 01522 706580 or email

How to request a Carer’s Assessment

You can request a carer’s assessment, either face to face or over the telephone directly by contacting:

The Lincolnshire Carers Service
c/o Customer Service Centre
01522 782224

Alternatively you can request a face to face carer’s assessment with Carers FIRST
0300 303 1555